EC teachers not been paid since January

Sound clip in English:  EC teachers not paid since January (English)

Sound clip in Afrikaans:  EC teachers not paid since January (Afrikaans)

It has come to my attention that a large number of newly appointed teachers have not been paid since January 2015.

My office has been reliably informed that 63 teachers in the Graaff-Reinet district and a multitude of teachers in the Cradock and Port Elizabeth districts also did not have their salaries paid.

The top-heavy bureaucracy in Bhisho is gobbling up too many resources.  What kind of administration does to pay its teachers?  The current system, under the ANC, is not fair, nor does it offer opportunity of a better life.   The human rights of our teachers and of our children are being violated.

The DA is appealing to all those teachers who have not been paid, to forward their information to my office in Bhisho ( so that we can finally nip this scourge of non-payment in the bud.

It is unacceptable that employees that have delivered a service are treated with such disdain.

I have written to the MEC for Education, Mandla Maklupula, to ask him to apprise me with reasons as to why these teachers have not been paid and whether any budgetary provisions have been made.  If so, why then are these teachers still waiting for their salaries?

They have financial responsibilities and withholding salaries may result in their names being blacklisted.

There are still 3 002 vacancies not filled and it is an open secret that the 3 649 additional teachers cannot be reassigned to these substantive vacancies because of their profiles not being comparable.

Wake up MEC and pay these teachers.



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