BCM is broken, unhealthy and needs change

I refer to the Daily Dispatch article dated Saturday, May 23, 2015 with front page heading “Now it’s BCM’s turn”. The ANC s attempt to send in top brass to sort out the second troubled metro will achieve little. While there are many examples of councils, mayors and municipal managers and officials in the Western Cape that provide effective leadership and making progress with strengthening governance,  there are instances where serious governance shortcomings remain such as in the case in point  of BCM.

Being a former opposition councillor  from BCM myself for years, it became very evident to me that the systems that are under the  greatest pressure in BCM are procurement, billing and revenue collection, staff  appointments and the planning and zoning functions.

The ANC leadership cohort has election after election reassuringly failed to restore ethical behaviour in the above.

They are still lacking to demonstrate a firm commitment to effective and efficient service delivery to all the cities people. People are losing faith in the local government system as scandal, upon scandal, tarnishes local governments credibility.

Pravin Gordhan, and delegation, should fundamentally re-examine every aspect of the way that council work; eliminating all traces of waste by becoming more transparent and improving procurement practice; maximising efficiency and productivity, and bringing excessive senior pay under control. His emphasis must be on merit, creativity and innovation.

Gordhan’s examination, diagnosis and prescription of BCM will take more than five years. But a wonder prescription called “choice” exist. Choice has been available since 1994 and requires the following; You must be a registered and voting voter, filled with hope, freedom, fairness and opportunity for all in South Africa. You, the voter can inject the later into BCM by using the power of your vote in the 2016 LGE. BCM requires a new government, a government committed to serve with humility and not abusive arrogance.

Kobus Botha, DA MPL Bhisho