Budget vote speeches: Office of the Premier, EC Provincial Legislature and Department of Health

The following speeches were delivered in the Eastern Cape Legislature today by DA spokesperson for the Office of the Premier, Edmund van Vuuren MPL, DA Chief Whip, Bobby Stevenson MPL and DA Shadow MEC for Health, Celeste Barker MPL, during the budget vote debates of provincial departments.

Speech by

Edmund van Vuuren,MPL

DA spokesperson on the Office of the Premier

“The Premier is not serious about fraud and corruption if only R7 million is made available”

  • 250 backlog cases for fraud and corruption and only a measly R7 million made available to fight fraud and corruption.
  • Litigation cases regarding service delivery within the province because of Legislative prescripts not followed.
  • Irregular expenditure on services not delivered.

Click here for the full speech02-06-2015; Speech notes Budget vote 2015-16 Office of the Premier

Speech by
Bobby Stevenson, MPL
DA Chief Whip

“No Question Paper for Written Reply produced for two months in the legislature”

  • Sixty one questions have not appeared on the question paper.
  • The constitution provides for mechanisms to ensure that all provincial organs of state are accountable to the legislature;
  • The legislature breaks its own rules. Rule 183 provides that the Secretary must publish a question paper for written reply every Friday.

Click here for the full speech 02-06-2015; Speech notes on Budget 2015-16 Vote 2 Provinical Legislature

Speech by
Celeste Barker, MPL
DA Shadow MEC for Health

Health care must contribute to freedom, fairness and opportunities for all

  • Expand public healthcare
  • DOH relies on 2007 organogram
  • A top heavy budget

Click here for the full speech 02-06-2015; Budget vote 3 Health


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