Siyenza Group’s poor work ethic not suprising

It is not surprising to see that the Siyenza Group (contracted to build 66 700 toilets in the Alfred Nzo Municipality) has built 16 391 toilets, a mere 25% of the total amount.

My visits to the municipalities in ADM have shown that despite the outrage over the delivery of toilet building material, the latest discovery has confirmed my previous concerns that only a few toilets have been built. This shows a lack of capacity and professionalism given the 30 June deadline.

This contract has far from provided proper sanitation and dignity to the intended beneficiary communities. In April, it was reported that more toilets built by the Siyenza Group in Ngqamakhwe, Mayipasi and Tuba village in the Great Kei municipality and Peddie had collapsed. What a waste of taxpayers’ money!

The DA will not be deterred by the poor legislature responses given by the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs on 18 March.

The MEC states that the ADM had no reason to believe that the original contract was NOT validly procured.  In this regard he said:  “where there is evidence of its application (Section 32 (1)) being abused, the matter will be subjected to investigation, as part of the broader implementation of the SCM process in the municipality.”

The dignity of our community members has been undermined.  These toilets are an insult as they are not only dangerous but they are a disgrace to the ADM and the provincial government of the Eastern Cape.

I will be submitting more legislature questions to the MEC regarding this contract.

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