DA slams criminal pupils for burning down school

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is saddened to hear about the angry pupils who burnt down the Mpozolo Senior Secondary School in Willowvale on Monday morning. The estimated damage is believed to be R1 million as the fire destroyed all the books, equipment and other documents.

Learners allegedly complained about the school buildings needing renovations but the authorities neglected to attend to this problem.  Learners also stoned the car of a school inspector who wished to address them on the issue.

Burning down the school to achieve anticipated outcomes should never be condoned because it is a criminal act by these learners.

It seems that the Department of Education (DOE) was at fault for not providing the necessary infrastructure or interacting with the school governing body on the matter.

This, however, should not condone clear criminal acts on the part of the learners.

The questions that now remain are:

  • What will happen to learners who have not engaged in this incident?
  • When and how learning will take place?
  • What will happen to the perpetrators of this heinous crime?

Education is the foundation of opportunity.  Unfortunately both DOE and perpetrators who burnt down the school are responsible for denying learners at the school an opportunity to achieve their educational goals.

The DA is appealing to the DOE to fully investigate the burning down of the school to have those responsible for this dreadful act prosecuted and for the DOE to take all necessary steps to have the infrastructure restored or a new school provided for the learners.

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