DA Vision 2029 billboards torn down in NMB in suspected ANC sabotage

The Democratic Alliance in Nelson Mandela Bay is investigating the tearing down of billboards informing the public of the party’s Vision 2029 campaign.

Having already fallen under 50% in the Bay, the ANC are clearly the most threatened party with the most to lose from the DA’s message. Click here and here for photo’s of the DA’s billboards in Motherwell that were the target of suspected political vandalism.

Photos show a DA Vision 2029 billboard being torn completely off its structure, the only billboard in the vicinity to be vandalised.

The party recently launched a nationwide Vision 2029 campaign to inform South Africans of what our nation could achieve by 2029 with the DA at the centre of national government.

DA Leader Mmusi Maimane launched the party’s vision in Soweto on 13 June. Ten years after the DA wins national government in 2019, the party foresees a South Africa where unemployment has halved, the economy is growing at 8%, government is clean with just 15 Ministries focused on empowering citizens, and the streets are kept safe by a well-trained and fully-equipped police force.

The DA has assured Nelson Mandela Bay residents of a future for the metro based on the values of Freedom, Fairness and Opportunity.

The DA will not let our opponents side-track our mission to bring good governance to the people of Nelson Mandela Bay. We will continue our investigation to ensure those responsible for the vandalism are brought to book, and we will be replacing the vandalised Vision 2029 billboards.

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