Medical intervention saves PE girl

The Democratic Alliance is thrilled to hear that Dr Quangule (CEO of Dora Nginza Hospital) has, after much deliberation, committed to sign for the Enzyme Replacement Therapy that will save 5 year old Alrene Scheepers’ life!

This little girl from the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth suffers from an extremely rare genetic condition known as Gauchers Disease.
Without medical intervention and Enzyme Replacement Therapy Gauchers Disease is fatal and causes bruising, extreme fatigue and an enlarged liver and spleen.

As a party that cares and supports the values of equality, fairness and freedom, the Democratic Alliance is proud to have helped to save Alrene’s life!

We celebrate Dr Quangule’s commitment to provide Enzyme Replacement Therapy for this special child.

We look forward to working with the Department of Health to ensure that every state patient in the Eastern Cape is treated fairly and receives the same standard of medical care in the Eastern Cape as they do in the DA-led Western Cape.