Drug stock-outs risk lives

The Democratic Alliance is appalled to read (EP Herald – Letter to the Editor: 10/07/15) that Mr Oesterlein’s brother cannot rely on state clinics in the Eastern Cape for his medication.

The DA will visit the Walmer Clinic and insist  in the Provincial Legislature that the sign stating that “We are not Clicks” is removed immediately, that the matter is investigated and those responsible are disciplined and retrained in ethics and patients’ rights.

It is unfair and outrageous that a state patient who depends on Warfarin and blood pressure medicine has been denied both drugs by a clinic!

If facts about treatment and drug use are incorrectly recorded on clinic cards, these cards are unreliable and pose a risk to patient healing which could be life threatening.

I appeal therefore to Mr Oesterlein to provide me with the names of  clinics that failed to serve his brother fairly as well as the dates and times of his brother’s visits to the  clinics and the names of all  out of stock drugs at these clinics.

When the DA governs this metro we will provide opportunities for decent, fair health care to all state patients.

The Democratic Alliance will manage a health budget that serves the needs of all our people without fear or favour.

The DA will see to it that procurement dates are adhered to and that there are no drug stock-outs in the Eastern Cape.

If the Western Cape maintains high standards, so can the Eastern Cape.

Should Mr Oesterlein or any other state patient experience problems with drug stock-outs at clinics or hospitals please send an email to celestebarkerdawn@gmail.com.

To listen to a voice clip in English, please click here.

To listen to a voice clip in Afrikaans, please click here.

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