DA welcomes action taken against ECPTA officials in Mandela funeral “pre-tears” party flop

The DA welcomes the action taken against officials of the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency (ECPTA) for their part in a “pre-tears” party flop for a night vigil after the death of former President Nelson Mandela.   R500 000 was squandered in wasteful expenditure.

Strong action must be taken against any state official for wasteful expenditure of taxpayer’s money to serve as an example and a warning to others that such behaviour cannot be tolerated in a responsible provincial administration.  Maladministration is the enemy of opportunity as it wastes funds which could be used to redress to imbalances of the past and thereby creating a fair society.

In a reply to a legislature question I asked Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism MEC Sakhumzi Somyo, he said one official had been given a final written warning and another was released from duty through a disciplinary process.    Reply to question 77 IQP 13

While these steps are welcomed, it is of concern that steps were not taken against a third official, who had resigned while the investigation into the matter was taking place and that nothing was done to recover the wasted money.    Why is it that steps are taken against officials but politicians get away scot free?

There are too many cases where our cash-strapped province loses money because of irresponsible actions by state officials.  Our province must be vigilant against embarrassing fiascos such as the Nelson Mandela funeral spending scandal.




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