Premier clearly in denial

THE page 4 headline of the Herald, “Premier downplays claims of tender manipulation” and the front page headline in the Daily Dispatch, “Masualle laughs off recording”, are both classic examples of denialist protectionism.

The premier says that the allegations can’t be true because, “I know this government, I work for it. I at least have the benefit of being in the ruling party and none in the ruling party have any access or say over procurement processes in government and that’s a fact.”

This blanket denial and omnibus claim of virtuosity by the premier is belied by hundreds of well-known examples to the contrary.

The Nkandla scandal involving a number of senior ANC government personalities and the recent, fraudulent “Siyenza” toilet scandal in the Amathole district municipality, not to mention the Nelson Mandela funeral fraud scam (where the self-same Ms MbinaMthembu was implicated in impropriety and protected by the same premier) are but three cases in point that are in conflict with the premier’s claim.

There also appears to be a direct contradiction between what the premier is saying and what the ANC provincial spokesman, Mlibo Qoboshiyane, is saying. The former refutes everything and the latter castigates the senior officials. This ambiguity makes one think.

The issue of gravest concern though is that despite the existence of an apparent recording of incriminating evidence, the premier chooses rather to deny any wrongdoing without apparently even listening to or considering the evidence.

Edmund Bourke famously wrote, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!”

I would have expected more from the premier, than to do nothing.

Athol Trollip MPL, DA provincial leader, Bhisho