No amnesty for civil servants with false qualifications

The article “Give ‘fake’ civil servants amnesty, UDM tells Bhisho” (Daily Dispatch, August 4) refers:

The Democratic Alliance does not support an amnesty for civil servants with fake qualifications.  We believe that we need a high performing civil service if we are going to deliver development to the people of the Eastern Cape.  We cannot cover up for under-performing civil servants who faked their qualifications.  Each year there are thousands of graduates out of our universities who remain unemployed.   They must be given a fair chance.

The greatest enemy of fair employment practices in the Eastern Cape is not so much fake qualifications, but jobs for pals and cadre deployment.  The DA believes that people who occupy positions in the civil service must be properly qualified and if they lied they must dealt with in terms of the public service regulations.  Cover-ups and amnesties will not take this province forward.  What we want is fair employment practices where those who qualify for the job stand a fair chance of getting it.

The DA will continue to shine the light into the dark areas of our province because truth must always triumph over lies and deceit.  This is the only way our province can be governed with integrity and accountability.

Bobby Stevenson, MPL

DA deputy provincial leader




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