ANC abuses state funds for Women’s Month event

The desperation of the ANC to win ward 30 in Nelson Mandela Bay Metro is getting out of hand. Today, the ANC is holding a Women’s Month event in Uitenhage paid for by government. This event is supposed to be a multi-party event but no transport has been allocated to opposition parties.

We are calling on the premier to protect government funds for the poor as this province is lagging behind in service delivery whilst money is spent on ANC grand standing programmes.

It was unanimously agreed upon in a meeting that the opposition parties will be allocated a number of buses for the aforementioned event.

Today, we were told by MEC Nancy Sihlwayi that the municipalities will transport attendees and we were not given pick up points deliberately.

We are not prepared to pay for transport out of our own coffers for an event that is funded by government while ANC members will be transported.

This is an act of desperation by the ANC as it is afraid of losing the Metro next year, we have no problem with them holding events but we have a problem when they do this with state funds.

MEC Sihlwayi was supposed to lead a build-up programme to this event by conducting door to door campaigns; to our surprise, she chose to conduct these campaigns in the upcoming by-election in the highly contested ward 30.

The MEC is abusing her power by using state funds to help the ANC win ward 30 in the name of celebrating women’s month. It is not fair that government funds are used to promote the ANC. We will not tolerate this! — Veliswa Mvenya MPL, DA Shadow MEC for Social Development 

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