DA attracting all races

DA attracting all races

IN response to ANC councillor Lawrence Troon’s letter, “DA ‘racial explosion’ ” (The Herald, August 10), please allow me to address a few misrepresentations.

First, the only explosion the DA is facing currently is a “non-racial explosion”. The DA, with more than four million voters, is the only significant political party in South Africa that attracts votes from all communities.

These figures speak for themselves. The recent election of Mmusi Maimane as the DA leader has also smashed the ANC’s racist propaganda about it being a white party.

Troon is right to mention ward 30 in Port Elizabeth has until now been an ANC stronghold. The election results will show that the ANC’s hegemonic control of homogenous “black” wards is a thing of the past.

The latest incident he refers to did not lead to a near “fist fight” in the DA caucus. This kind of behaviour has become synonymous with the ANC, not the DA.

As in the case of former DA councillor Stanford Slabbert, the DA has referred councillor Chris Roberts to its federal legal commission to have the allegations of racial slander investigated. Due legal process will follow and a verdict will be reached with commensurate consequences.

It’s interesting that Troon should mention the three ANC constituency offices and its constituency representatives in the northern areas. Why is it, then, that the ANC has gained less and less support in this area despite these people’s presence in this community?

Is it because these offices and the said personalities have neither credibility nor influence? Is it because they agreed to a mere 6% of the metro budget being allocated to this area, or is it simply because the people of the northern areas have seen through Cedrick Frolick, Hope Malgas and Christiaan Martin, the “imbongis (praise singers)” of the ANC who have shown scant regard for their people?

I’d venture that Troon should beware of the adage that people in glass houses should not throw stones. It is interesting to note that the party that Troon loves to malign with his own racist rhetoric is the same one that he once approached to serve in.

It is also interesting that he, Frolick and Martin all once belonged to other political parties that they either deserted or conveniently crossed the floor from to become “high priests” of the ANC and are ostensibly now more ANC than the ANC.

No, councillor Troon, it’s not the DA that is facing any explosion. It’s your ANC that is facing a political implosion in the Nelson Mandela Bay and in ward 30 in particular. — Athol Trollip MPL, DA Federal Chairman