Time is money! DA calls on Sanral to open a temporary slipway on the N2 Westbound or find alternative solution

Action must be taken as a matter of urgency and with immediate effect otherwise people of Nelson Mandela Bay will continue to be negatively affected by the traffic congestion that is currently causing havoc on the N2 in Port Elizabeth due to road works that are planned to continue for the next 16 months until December 2016.

The DA proposes for a slip way to be created onto one of the N2 Westbound lanes to accommodate traffic from 06:00 to 09:00 from Mondays to Fridays as the majority of the traffic between these times is carried by the N2 Eastbound in the mornings and traffic on the N2 Westbound is minimal.

The DA will engage with the relevant authorities to take the matter further.

The road works have led to severe delays for all road users traveling on the N2 Eastbound and the NMBM has also claimed that it has adversely affected service delivery.

The road works are not only affecting the N2 but also has a knock-on effect on other roads in the city due to fact that road users are now having to use alternative routes to avoid the congestion.
It is the most sensible and cost effective solution to a very frustrating problem that will persist for the next 16 months unless action is taken with immediate effect.

Economic opportunity is already severely under threat in the NMBM.  A fully functioning road network is at the heart of a strong economy. The strangle-hold on the roads network will continue to negatively affect the people of NMBM unless action is taken.

Economic opportunity cannot be further jeopardised due to government agencies failing to put contingency plans into place when major construction will take place over extensive periods of time. — Vicky Knoetze MPL, DA Shadow MEC for Roads and Public Works¬†

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