EC crime stats don’t add up

The annual SAPS crime statistics for 2014/15 were released today.

The DA Eastern Cape believes that there needs to be an independent audit of crime statistics.  We have done a comparison between the 2013/14 SAPS crime statistics, published on 19 September last year compared with the figures that are published for the same year today.

We have been able to this, because we kept hard copies of last year’s published figures.  EC crime stats 2013-2014

We have found in many instances that there are differences in figures which have been adjusted downwards.  This raises a huge question mark around the credibility of these statistics.

For example:

  • Murder for 2013/14:  3 453 as published on 19 September 2014 compared to 3 441 as published today (12 less).
  • Total sexual offences for 2013/14:  9 897 as published on 19 September 2014, compared to 9 616 as published today (281 less).
  • Robbery with aggravating circumstances for 2013/14:  13 485 published on 19 September 2014, compared to 13 443 as published today (42 less).
  • Burglary at residential premises for 2013/14:  24 750 as published on 19 September 2014, compared to 24 643 as published today (107 less).

The provincial police commissioner needs to brief the legislature so we can understand the differences in the statistics. Why have these statistics been manipulated to give the impression of a gentle downward trend in crime?

The DA believes our communities can be safe from fear if our police service was better resourced and there was strong leadership at all levels.  Our communities are crying out for a safer environment where the can live in freedom without having to barricade themselves in at night. — Bobby Stevenson MPL, DA Shadow MEC for Safety and Security 

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