Racist MEC Sihlwayi exposes ANC’s racial nationalism

In response to the article “‘No whites, please’ – MEC” published on the front page of the Saturday Dispatch on 7 November 2015, please see my statement below.  For a link to the article, click here. ‘NO WHITES, PLEASE’ – MEC _ DispatchLIVE

The racism of ANC MEC Nancy Sihlwayi, in segregating youth on the basis of race, exposes the ANC as an organisation that is not working for a non-racial future for South Africa.

Sihlwayi’s instruction to exclude white children from a government youth event is nothing but pure racism.

As MEC for Social Development, Sihlwayi has shown that given the chance, the ANC will decide which races can and cannot access opportunities. This is a divisive and separatist tactic that has no place in the South Africa of today.

The ANC has truly changed since the days of Nelson Mandela. Today the ANC is a party of self-service and racial divisiveness.

The DA challenges the ANC in the Eastern Cape to distance itself from this racism immediately, or else to be seen to support racism.

There is no place for racial segregation twenty-one years into our democratic nation. — Veliswa Mvenya MPL, Eastern Cape provincial chairperson 



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