ANC must immediately suspend racist MEC Sihlwayi

In response to the article “‘No whites, please’ – MEC” published on the front page of the Saturday Dispatch on 7 November 2015, please see my statement below.  For a link to the article, click here:


The ANC must immediately suspend its Eastern Cape MEC for Social Development, Nancy Sihlwayi, for her racism and human right’s violations in segregating youth on the basis of race.

Sihlwayi’s instruction to exclude white children from a government youth event is nothing but pure racism, which the ANC must immediately take action against.

If the ANC does not act against Sihlwayi, it will clearly expose itself as a home of racists.

Suspension of Sihlwayi must be immediate to mitigate the affront her racism causes to our constitution and our democracy.

The ANC has a clear choice in this matter: It can keep Sihlwayi, and be seen to abandon the Freedom Charter and the Constitution, or it can act against Sihlwayi and do what is right.

Sihlwayi’s suspension cannot be delayed, and her racist attitude cannot be allowed to affect the work of her Department any longer.

Anything less than immediate suspension by the ANC will amount to ANC protection of racism.

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