Nkonkobe Municipality in need of new strategies to curb unemployment issue

The Democratic Alliance held a successful march against unemployment in Fort Beaufort today. A memorandum was handed over to Acting Municipal Manager, Mr L. Menze, regarding jobs that are given to ANC members only in Nkonkobe Municipality.

The unemployment rate according to the Census 2011 in both Nkonkobe and Nxuba Municipalities respectively is above 40%.

Municipal related jobs in all 21 wards in Nkonkobe Municipality are allocated mainly to ANC members or used to recruit ANC members.

It is unconstitutional to deny community members access to jobs based on political affiliation, race, gender or age.

It is an open secret in Nkonkobe Municipality that certain ANC members repeatedly work on EPWP projects, municipal infrastructural projects and cleaning campaigns.

The DA suggests the following strategies in order to curb the aforementioned issues:

  • Implement a ward-based unemployment data-base as soon as possible;
  • Promote our own local tourism and heritage by creating much needed jobs for all;
  • Encourage all external service providers on municipal infrastructural projects and others to source local labour;
  • Prioritise local unskilled, semi-skilled matrics and university graduates when filling any municipal vacancies;
  • Allocate some temporary and casual jobs┬áto members of the DA and consider racial and gender equity at all times;
  • Rotate the workforce on municipal infrastructural projects, EPWP projects and cleaning campaigns to more unemployed community members including members of the DA;
  • Adopt creative strategies to attract potential investors to the Nkonkobe Municipal area, this will boost our local economy and create jobs for the poor and unemployed;
  • Liaise with the local department of labour to reduce the cost of job applications for the unemployed by using accessible technology such as cellphones.

The DA urges the Municipal Manager to take these suggestions into consideration in order to ensure that free and fair labour practices are implemented and maintained.

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