No anti-gang and -drug unit for Nelson Mandela Bay, says MEC

There is a clear distinction between the DA-approach to fighting crime in Nelson Mandela Bay compared with that of the ANC.  According to an answer to a question for oral reply I asked last week in the legislature Reply to oral question 31 NBM anti gang unit to Safety and Liaison MEC Weziwe Tikana, there are no plans to establish an anti-gang and drug unit as part of the Metro Police in the municipality.

This approach is short-sighted and not fair to Nelson Mandela Bay.  You can’t fight gangsterism with one hand tied behind your back.

The DA believes that a critical component to fighting gangsterism in the Northern Areas is having an anti-gang unit and drug unit.

These units have made huge headway in the City of Cape Town in combatting gangsterism and drugs.  In Cape Town, over 5 600 gang-related arrests are made in a year.  These results are achieved by about 100 officers attached to the anti-gang unit.  Three years ago, gang violence contributed to 20% of all murders in Cape Town and it’s now almost halved, to 11 %.

Under a DA-government, this is just one of the changes we will implement in Nelson Mandela Bay.

The DA-approach in the City of Cape Town is based on intelligence-led policing.  Specialised units are specifically trained to deal with the tactical issues around gangsterism.

We also want to see a Metro Police Service equipped with the right technology such as “shot spotter” that can triangulate to within two metres from where a shot was fired.  This type of technology along with the extensive use of cameras and number plate recognition cameras is being used in the City of Cape Town.

The citizens of our Metro deserve to live in communities without fear and where our children can play safely in the streets without having to dodge bullets.

Where the DA governs our policies have a track record of bringing change to communities.  Nelson Mandela Bay deserves this kind of change. — Bobby Stevenson MPL, Shadow MEC for Safety and Security