Nelson Mandela Bay has voted for change

The DA is deeply honoured to emerge as the largest party in Nelson Mandela Bay, and we are grateful for this mandate from NMB voters.

This is a victory for the people of Nelson Mandela Bay, and an endorsement of our offer of change for the Metro. The Democratic Alliance is thrilled at today’s result for NMB.

Ultimately, the people have spoken loudly and clearly and have voted for change and the DA stands ready to deliver the change that Nelson Mandela Bay needs to move forward again.

We acknowledge the graceful defeat of the ANC, whose leadership has conceded defeat in the Bay.

We are now preparing to form a government in NMB, to begin working to take our Metro forward, to create jobs, to deliver services and to cut out corruption.

The DA-led government in NMB will uphold the values of the father of our Nation, Tata Madiba, whose name our Metro proudly reflects.

To the voters of NMB we extend our gratitude, and our undertaking to deliver on our promises. — Athol Trollip MPL, DA provincial leader