Two years of suffering

SIPHE Macanda (Daily Dispatch: 22 09 16) describes an appalling state of affairs at the Fort Grey Clinic in Buffalo City.

The DA is horrified to learn that cable theft, transformer theft and vandalism have disrupted services at Fort Grey to such an extent that the clinic has an unreliable power supply and that for nearly two years patients have been sent home without treatment because the department of health has failed to secure its premises!

Such callousness indicates that the department has not managed this facility with the skill, care or compassion required to provide a dependable service to vulnerable, needy patients who rely on state healthcare.

I have submitted questions to the MEC of Health asking for clarity on: why the department has failed to implement security measures to prevent cable theft at Fort Grey Clinic; on what date such measures will be implemented; what contingency plans were instituted in the two year period that the clinic had an unreliable power supply; how many patients were turned away as a result.

Where we govern in the Western Cape all our clinics have back up power and our staff and patients can rely on dependable service.

It is high time that the Eastern Cape department of health learns from our example. — Celeste Barker MPL, Shadow MEC for Health