More support for DA: The Herald

THE article, “Low voter turnout as ANC retains two wards in by-elections” (November 11), does not reveal the full story.

What is extremely significant is that the DA vote grew substantially, as compared with the August 3 local government election result, despite the low voter turnout.

In Ward 4 in Walmer Township, the DA increased its support from 7% to 14% of the vote, and in real terms grew by 322 votes. In Ward 14 in New Brighton, the DA grew from 9% of the vote to 24%, increasing its number of votes by 259.

This clearly indicates a growing confidence for the DA-led government in Nelson Mandela Bay in wards that were traditionally ANC strongholds.

It also shows that the swing to the DA that took place in the August election is a growing trend.

The DA is committed to turning this metro around and improving services for all the people, as well as eradicating corruption and creating jobs. — Bobby Stevenson, MPL, DA deputy provincial leader