DA demands plan of action for Mnquma water crisis

The Democratic Alliance condemns the lack of urgency shown by Mnquma Municipality in the water crisis issue that has affected Walter Sisulu University’s Butterworth branch, the local hospital as well as local residents.

DA Councillors will be tackling this issue in council as a matter of urgency to ensure that local residents are supplied with clean and safe water.

The municipality has proven that it is unable to resolve this water issue which has been ongoing for a year.

Water outages are an infringement on the rights of the residents of Mnquma; section 27 of our Constitution clearly states that each person has the right to access sufficient water.

Under a forward thinking, proactive and caring DA government, plans would have been made in advance to tackle issues of this nature.

The stench from sewers in parts of the municipality is unbearable. It is inhumane and unacceptable that members of our community, young and old, are forced to live under unhygienic and potentially harmful conditions without running water!

I am concerned that without a regular supply of unpolluted drinking water, disease will break out.

Young children in particular need safe drinking water as a lack of basic sanitation can result in an outbreak of diarrhoea and this is a leading cause of death in children under 5.

The leadership of Mnquma municipality must stop fighting amongst themselves and start fighting for the basic needs of the residents.

As a resident of Butterworth, I am tired of seeing my neighbours suffering. The municipality must act as a matter of urgency.–Veliswa Mvenya, Phesheya Kwenciba Constituency Leader