No stationery for learners at Chapman High School

Betrayed, let down and abandoned are some of the emotions that the learners of Chapman High School feel.

Two weeks into the new academic year, the department has failed to deliver stationery packs to Chapman High School in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth leaving learners without the required materials they need.

Chapman High School is regarded as one of the top performing schools in the Port Elizabeth District having achieved a pass rate of 86.6% in 2016 and the non-delivery of stationery to the school has placed learners at a great disadvantage.

The department must get its house in order and do its job or fire the people responsible. It is the duty of the department to ensure that schools across the province are provided with the necessary learning materials- a duty they seemingly cannot uphold. With the department in a state of logistical disarray, it is the learners who continually suffer and are essentially deprived of their right to a decent education.

I have submitted a written question to Education MEC Mandla Makupula asking why the department has failed to deliver stationery to the school. In addition, the question asks what measures the department will put in place to ensure all learning support material requirements for the 2016 school year will be met.

The DA believes it is through education that we can empower generations to become successful individuals which can only be achieved through good governance and a well-run province. — Edmund van Vuuren, Shadow MEC for Education