Sopa expectations: put the province on a high road

It’s all systems go for Friday’s State of the Province Address by the Premier.  For a voice clip on the DA’s expectations, click here:

The Premier, Phumulo Masualle, needs to spell out key game-changers that will put this province on the high road to prosperity.  The key game changers that will fundamentally and materially improve the lives of people include education, the economy, the state of local government, healthcare, our roads network and good governance.

Education is in crisis, with the province achieving the lowest pass rate of 59%.  The Eastern Cape has the highest illiteracy rate among the youth of  16-35 years of all the provinces.  What are you going to do differently this year, Premier Masualle, to ensure our young people leave school with the necessary skills to get jobs?  We need to have a rescue plan for the lost generation.

A second game-changer is the whole question of the economy.  The unemployment rate continues to rise, and people’s hopes for a better future continue to fall.  The provincial government needs to create the right climate to attract investment, and I look forward to how you are going to do this.

Another potential game-changer is improving the state of local governance in this province.  Corruption, maladministration and cadre deployment are wrecking balls.  How are you going to change this?

Healthcare needs to improve.  Our clinics and hospitals need to be resourced with the right equipment and attitudes.

The huge backlog in road maintenance in our province needs to be addressed so our economy can grow.

We need to create a climate in the Eastern Cape that is conducive to attracting investment.  Only the private sector can create jobs.  We need a province of entrepreneurs.  The government must play its role in eradicating corruption, fixing the infrastructure, improving safety, delivering services and governing well.

We all deserve a province that works, where opportunity is rising, and hope for the future is created. — Bobby Stevenson MPL, Leader of the Official Opposition