Steps taken to stop the loud partying at Provincial Hospital nurses’ home

DA Shadow MEC for Health, Celeste Barker and DA Councillors, Sandile Rwexwana and Leander Kruger conducted an oversight visit to the Provincial Hospital Nurses’ Home in Port Elizabeth yesterday. The visit emerged in response to persistent complaints from angry residents about the loud noise emanating from continuous partying in the building.

Hospital management informed us that they are taking action with regard to the aforementioned issues. They have been firm and thus far seven out of control, rowdy students have been given marching orders.

We also found that the building was in an appalling condition. Paint strips hang from mouldy ceilings, oregon doors dangle from their hinges, floorboards creak and threaten imminent collapse and dust balls abound upstairs and downstairs.

The nurses’ home has the bones of a well-designed building with plenty of accommodation and somewhat antiquated ablution facilities.

Despite such sad neglect, determined student nurses live and study in these rundown quarters.

Our Councillors noticed that many panes of glass were broken and requested that all broken panes be replaced. The managers who accompanied us agreed to do so.

Restoring broken window panes and disciplining out of control youth is necessary to create a climate of law and order. The DA thanks the hospital’s management for their cooperation.

We look forward to ongoing mutually beneficial relationships between residents, students and the PE Provincial Hospital for the good of the community. — Celeste Barker MPL, Shadow MEC for Health