ANC has its head in a pothole

The report in the Saturday Dispatch “DA ‘plastic road’ idea faces ANC dead stop” refers:

The ANC’s outright dismissal of this proposal in disparaging terms illustrates quite clearly that this a party stuck with its head in a pothole.  This province has a crisis when it comes to maintaining our roads.

This impacts on every community.  A roads network is vital for a growing economy and in the Eastern Cape, our economy is not growing fast enough to create jobs.  The latest quarterly labour force survey illustrated that 59 000 people had lost their jobs in the second quarter (April-June).

In a province that is strapped for cash, we would expect that the governing party would embrace new technology that can build better roads at a lower cost.

The use of waste plastic in roads will also empower disadvantaged communities and marginalised groups.  One million plastic bags can be used to build one kilometre of road.  Can you imagine the benefit both in economic and environmental terms where people can make money from collecting waste plastic?

We are living in the era of the fourth industrial revolution where the use of new technology is sweeping the world.  This requires a forward-thinking government that can embrace change.

Sadly, a head in the pothole attitude will not create the opportunities that this province deserves.  It is clear from the rejection of the motion that the ANC is stuck in the past whereas the DA is the party of the future. — Bobby Stevenson, MPL DA Leader in the Provincial Legislature, Bhisho