Patients and staff suffer repetitive vandalisation at the Motherwell NU 11 clinic

Gone again…the water pipes at the NU 11 clinic in Motherwell in Port Elizabeth were stolen again.

The DA is furious!  Last night (Sunday, 1 October)  vandals again sliced the water pipes that supply the NU 11 Clinic in Motherwell. This destructive action is compounded by the fact that vandals did exactly the same in December 2016. In both cases, the delivery of healthcare has been delayed or frustrated because staff cannot wash their hands before and after attending to patients.   For a picture, click here

This amounts to wanton cruelty to the elderly and to moms with babies who have risen early to queue for medical care. It further jeopardises their chances of service because time will have been lost while waiting for repairs and probably means that staff will only be able to attend to emergency cases today.

In December 2016 the DA reported the identical crime at the same facility and appealed to the MEC of Health, Dr Phumza Dyantyi, to ensure that all DoH clinic staff were supplied with self-defence equipment and protected by security guards.

I have submitted the questions below for written reply to the MEC. Health matters to each of us regardless of the circumstances of our birth.


  1. Is the MEC aware of vandalism at the NU 11 Clinic in the NMBM on the evening of 02 10 17 or during the early hours of 03 10 17?
  2. If so, what measures have been put in place to prevent repetitive destruction and water loss at the NU 11 Clinic?
  3. If not what measures will be put into place with immediate effect at the NU 11 Clinic?
  4. Please tabulate all measures taken from 01 01 16 to the current date to prevent the destruction of external water pipes at all Department of Health Clinics in the NMBM. — Celeste Barker MPL, Shadow MEC for Health