Respect for all is key: Daily Dispatch

THE report “Grandmother, 68, found raped and killed in her home” (DD, December 6) is a bitter pill to swallow, especially during the 16 days of activism campaign when we are all meant to reflect on the plight of women and children.

This is the 19th year of the campaign, yet we continue to read these horror stories every day. We cannot sit back and rely on social institutions, churches and government to bring this scourge to an end. As long as we live in a patriarchal society where women and girls are considered of lesser value, how will incidents such as these ever end.

All of us – men, women and children – need to deliberately adopt a sense of respect and love for one another. Each person is a gift from God and deserves love and respect, no matter their sex or age. Don’t look away or in another direction. First look inwards at yourself and consider how you act towards others. Then look to your community and make your voice heard against those responsible for these despicable acts of violence. — Nosimo Balindlela MPL, DA shadow MEC for sport, recreation, arts and culture, Bhisho

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