Rhino killing blow to EC

IT WAS upsetting beyond measure to learn that a precious, five-year old pregnant rhino had been killed and dehorned by poachers in the Komani Reserve (Daily Dispatch, December 29)

It is tragic that the unscrupulous poachers who killed an already endangered rhino displayed such scant regard for our wildlife and also completely disregarded the value that a live rhino offers our tourism industry.

The Eastern Cape has the potential to mirror the success of the Western Cape government. We too have the natural resources to grow a flourishing tourism and eco-tourism industry and we are equally capable of generating a sustainable revenue stream that will keep humans and animals alive and multiplying in the Eastern Cape, that will help boost economic growth and will attract international visitors to our province.

I call on the MEC of Environmental Affairs and Tourism to launch an urgent investigation into this unnecessary killing and to provide us with feedback on the steps taken to protect all wildlife in the Komani Reserve.

Let’s do this together for the sake of our children and their children’s children. — Celeste Barker MPL, Enoch Mgijima Constituency Leader