EMS staff risk life and limb

The DA is horrified to learn that a female ambulance driver was injured on duty by a brick thrown at her by two men at 02:30 on Friday, 15 December 2017 (reference – Weekend Post: 16 December 2017).

Our EMS staff risk life and limb to provide speedy lifesaving services and emergency care and, in so doing, jeopardise their personal safety and wellbeing.

It is absolutely unacceptable that a female EMS staff member who was doing her job has suffered a head injury while working.

The DA cares for and thanks all emergency medical services (EMS) staff who put patients’ needs before their personal needs.

It is clear that EMS staff on night duty require protection and support; one staff member suffered from a concussion and fragments of glass hit another staff member’s eyes.

I will submit the following questions to the MEC for Health, Dr Pumza Dyantyi, for oral reply in the Legislature:

  • Please provide a detailed description of safety measures instituted by the MEC to protect EMS staff on night duty;
  • When were these safety measures introduced;
  • How many EMS staff members have been injured on night duty in the PE Metro in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017? Please tabulate the answers using the date, place and nature of each injury;
  • What steps have been taken to support and assist EMS staff who put their lives at risk during the festive season;
  • Have alternative, safe pick up points been identified in Missionvale;
  • If so, how many alternative pick up points have been identified in Missionvale;
  • If not, why not and on which date will alternative pick up points be identified?

The DA will continue to fight for the safety and protection of all civil servants in the Eastern Cape. — Celeste Barker MPL, Shadow MEC for Health