Humewood beachfront SAPS sector critical for tourist safety

The Democratic Alliance welcomes the commitment of the SAPS to establish a Beachfront SAPS Sector in the Humewood policing area of Port Elizabeth.

This emerged in an answer to a written question to the MEC for Safety and Liaison, Weziwe Tikana. For the response, click here:

A dedicated beachfront sector in the Humewood policing area will go a long way to improve the safety and security on the Port Elizabeth beachfront.

This is of particular importance for tourism and job creation. The Ward two Councillor, Dean Biddulph, will pursue this matter at station level to ensure its implementation. It was at his request that I took this matter up.

We will also continue to push for improved resources for the Humewood Police Station. It currently has a shortage of 23 members as well as a shortage of 16 detectives.

The beachfront area is of strategic importance for tourism and job creation as it hosts numerous events.  We call on SAPS to ensure that the Humewood station is fully resourced.

We also welcome the continued good working relationship between the Metro police and the SAPS.

The Democratic Alliance will continue to strive for a professional police service that is fully resourced so that it can fulfill its mandate of creating a climate of safety and security in our province. — Bobby Stevenson MPL, Shadow MEC for Safety & Security.