EC cabinet shuffle a continued battle royal

The Eastern Cape Premier, Phumulo Masualle, announced changes to his Provincial Executive Council on Thursday afternoon (11 May 2018). 

The shuffling of the factional deckchairs on the ANC-Titanic is going to do nothing for political stability and service delivery in the Eastern Cape. With some in the ANC still questioning the legality of the PEC and others questioning the legitimacy of a “defiant” Masualle, we are in for a continued battle royal.

No province can move forward if MECs and the Premier have to watch their backs all the time.

It remains to be seen how long Premier Phumulo Masualle will last in the job and if this is just the first round of cabinet changes to come. If Premier Masualle couldn’t crack the whip to ensure all the members of his executive performed, how is he going to ensure the new cabinet improves service delivery?

In addition, a cabinet reshuffle opens the possibility of a purge of the top management within departments, instead of bringing continuity.

This cabinet shuffle has been muddied by the ongoing internal faction fighting in the ANC.  Until that is rooted out, bold action will never be taken to turn the Eastern Cape around.  What we need is total change that will put this province on a new path of economic growth, good governance and rising opportunity.  — Bobby Stevenson MPL, Legislature Leader