Speech notes by Bobby Stevenson, Leader of the Official Opposition, Consideration of Second Adjustments Appropriation Bill 2018. 15 May 2018

The Democratic Alliance welcomes the additional R100-million that is being awarded to the Eastern Cape, due to slow expenditure patterns in other provinces.

The Department of Human Settlements needs every cent that it can get in order to deliver housing in the Eastern Cape and to make a dent in the huge backlogs that we have. This is particularly so, as that the Human Settlements Grant has been cut by 14,78% or over R300- million.

This is a huge setback for the Eastern Cape; given that fact that owning a home puts one on the ladder of economic opportunity and wealth creation.

It is sad that due to the mismanagement of our economy at national level, this province faces a cutback in the Human Settlements Grant.

Why is it that billions of rands are spent by the state in bailing out SAA, so that rich people can fly, instead of spending this money on housing so that poor people can live in dignity.

Owning a home provides opportunities for wealth creation. One can also use an asset, such as this, as collateral. If the preemptive right clause was removed whereby a person has to own a home for eight years before they could sell it, this would allow for greater economic mobility.

According to the World Bank Report, greater economic mobility leads to faster economic growth and poverty reduction.

The other good news that this province has recently received is that as a result of Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, spending 100% of its grant funding, it received an additional R178,8-million from National Treasury.

This money has also been voted in an adjustment budget and is largely being spent on poor communities.

While on the subject of Nelson Mandela Bay, we welcome the fact that Moody’s has recently upgraded its credit rating, so it now has the top credit rating that a metro can receive.

Where the DA governs, the DA governs well and delivers services particularly for poor people.

It is in this context that the Democratic Alliance welcomes the funding for Human Settlements and supports the Adjustment Bill.