Letter to the editor: EMS deserve better: Daily Dispatch

The DA is deeply disturbed to read (Daily Dispatch: 14 06 18) that Paramedics and EMS staff are suffering and unprotected.

Our Paramedics and EMS staff suffer firstly because they not safe at work and secondly because they are not accompanied by Security Guards despite the dangerous nature of their work.

Thirdly complaints from EMS staff include delays in the payment of overtime work and dangerous working conditions in which, for example, an ambulance was attacked and a staff member was hospitalised because of the attack.

The DA therefore pleads with the Department of Health to bump up EMS working conditions including staff security, reliable, timeous payment and an improvement of dangerous working conditions by escorting staff who work to save lives in hostile, volatile environments.

Let’s sing a praise song for our staff instead of delaying their overtime pay! — Celeste Barker MPL, Shadow MEC for Health 

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