Eastern Cape unemployment bloodbath continues

Eastern Cape unemployment bloodbath continues

The Quarterly Labour Force Survey, released by Stats SA last month, shows how the Eastern Cape economy is continuing to fail, along with the job’s bloodbath.

This means thousands of families across the province will struggle to put food on the table, pay for medication and schooling for their loved ones. The fight to just survive in the Eastern Cape is getting harder.

The third quarter statistics show the Eastern Cape’s unemployment figures have risen from 730,000 to 769,000, up by 5,3% from the second quarter. The province retains the highest expanded rate of unemployment in the country at 46%.

The report shows that a further 365,000 people, who are desperate for work, have thrown in the towel, meaning that 1,134 million people are out of work in the province, if one takes the expanded rate of unemployment into account.

A DA-led provincial government will bring real change to this province by ensuring that the right climate for job creation is created.

This means

  • paying suppliers within 30 days, so small businesses don’t go bankrupt
  • Fixing our education and health system, as these are internationally recognised as pillars for growing the economy
  • Getting failing municipalities back on track
  • Eradicating corruption that scares off investors
  • Bringing the crime rate down
  • Getting our infrastructure up to speed

The ANC has divided this province along the lines of those who have access to the politically connected for jobs, and those who don’t have jobs at all.

Along with the right environment for job creation, a DA government will grant fair access to jobs to narrow this gap and build a one province for all.

Yours sincerely,

DA MPL & Shadow MEC for Finance

A shortened version of this letter appeared in the letters to the editor section of The Herald on the 6th of November 2018.