Delays in the issuing of matric certificates stealing former learner’s futures

Hundreds of learners who matriculated as far back as 2015 are stuck in limbo, being denied opportunities to further their education or seek work, because they are still waiting for their National Senior Certificates (NSC).

While thousands of learners are in the midst of writing this year’s matric exams, 550 Eastern Cape learners are still waiting to receive their certificates.

In response to a parliamentary question, acting MEC for Education, Mlungisi Mvoko, confirmed that 12 learners who matriculated in 2015 have not yet received their NSC; 111 in 2016; and 427 in 2017.

Mvoko says some of the reasons why the certificates have not been issued to the qualifying matriculants are a result of there being outstanding marks, duplicate identities, invalid identities, invalid ratings and results that have not been calculated.

SEE: Response – IQP 35 – Q 476

That these issues have not been resolved after three years is appalling, as the effect on these matriculants’ lives is disastrous.

These learners have passed their matric examinations but have nothing to show for it. It has hampered them in registering at tertiary institutions, applying for bursaries, and applying for jobs

Although it is the responsibility of Umalusi to issue the NSC, it is the responsibility of the Department of Education in the Eastern Cape to supply the correct details and information to Umalusi.

The Democratic Alliance believes that South Africa’s ability to promote inclusive growth depends on producing successive generations of well-educated young people contributing to socio-economic development.

This possible future is being stolen from these matriculants by the incompetence of the Eastern Cape Department of Education.

A DA-led government would never allow poor administration to prevent our youth from furthering the education or from seeking employment. It would focus on instilling quality, accountability and strong leadership into the system.