Failing ANC has no plan to combat unemployment

It is clear that the failing ANC has no solution to the combat the rising unemployment in the Eastern Cape, which is stealing the bread off the tables of the people.

This after the Quarterly Labour Force Survey, released by Stats SA today, showed that unemployment in the province continued to rise, with the fourth quarter up by 0.5%, from 35.6% to 36.1%.

The Eastern Cape also has the highest expanded unemployment rate at 46.8%, growing from 1,129 million people in the fourth quarter in 2017 to 1,210 million in the fourth quarter of 2018.

This means that in the space of a year, 81,000 more people are without work.

The hardship of unemployment is wreaking havoc among families across the province, who will struggle to put food on the table, pay for medication and schooling.

The fight to just survive in the Eastern Cape is getting harder. Those in power are exploiting this, demanding sex for jobs!

This cannot be tolerated!

People are leaving this province in droves, seeking opportunities such as in the DA-run Western Cape, where more than half of all new jobs in the country were created last year.

Families should not have to abandon their homes to earn a living, they must be given the opportunity to build their best lives in the province of their birth.

A DA-led provincial government will bring real change to this province by ensuring that the right climate for job creation is created.

This means

  • Paying suppliers within 30 days, so small businesses don’t go bankrupt
  • Fixing our education and health system, as these are internationally recognised as pillars for growing the economy
  • Getting failing municipalities back on track
  • Eradicating corruption that scares off investors
  • Bringing the crime rate down
  • Getting our infrastructure up to speed

The ANC has divided this province along the lines of those who have access to the politically connected for jobs, and those who don’t have jobs at all.

We need an economy that puts a job in every home and builds one SA for all.