Graaff Reinet waste transfer site reported to Green Scorpions

I have written to the Green Scorpions to report that the Graaff Reinet waste transfer site is in a deplorable state and is an absolute health hazard as well as a safety risk for residents of the municipality. Please view the letter below:


I have requested that the Green Scorpions take steps against the municipality for allowing this environmental health situation to reach disastrous levels. Hopefully, this will draw their attention to the seriousness of the health risk that this situation poses to the community, workers, the environment and SANparks.

At least one person has already died on the site when a concrete wall collapsed on them. Tons of rubbish has piled up around the site, furthermore, there are children playing in the garbage as there is no control or supervision over the site. It is only a matter of time before another life is lost. Please view pictures below:

SANparks which is across the road from the waste transfer site is at this stage also littered with rubbish from the waste transfer site.

Reports and pleas to the Dr Beyers Naude Municipality haveĀ fallen on deaf ears. No attempts are being made by the municipality to clean the site and implement proper control and supervision mechanisms.

The Democratic Alliance believes that every person has the right to live in a clean and safe environment where good governance exists to create such conditions. Service delivery must be sped up in poorly run municipalities such as Dr Beyers Naude Municipality.