132 civil servants double dipping

A total of 132 Eastern Cape civil servants are unlawfully engaged with business dealings with the province and national government

How do they think that they can get away with this? This is simply an extension of state capture!

This is according to a response to a question for written reply from MEC for Finance and Provincial Expenditure, Oscar Mabuyane, who reported that 120 civil servants were doing business with the province, while a further 12 were doing business with national government.

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This is unlawful!

The biggest culprits are in the Education Department, where 76 civil servants were doing business with the province, followed by the Health Department where there were 42.

Firm disciplinary action needs to be taken against those who are unlawfully doing business with the province.

The systems used to identify civil servants who have dealings with state institutions also need to be expanded to evaluate municipal contracts.

One cannot be allowed to double dip. You are either a civil servant, or you are a business person. When civil servants do business with the province, it opens the flood gates for corruption and maladministration

The Eastern Cape needs to deal with this situation firmly and decisively!

The DA is committed to eradicating corruption from the Eastern Cape and ensuring that we have clean governance.

In this way we can build a province of rising opportunity for all and create the right climate for investment so that there is a job in every home.