Second Bethelsdorp Police Station needed now, more than ever

The need for a second police station in Bethelsdorp has never been more urgent. This is why the Democratic Alliance welcomes the response to a question for written reply that Park Homes will be provided in the 2019/2020 financial year, as an interim measure, while the construction of the police station commences.

The escalating shootings over this weekend, which have claimed the lives of at least five individuals and left several injured, highlights the urgency of improving the climate of safety and security in the Bethelsdorp policing area. A second police station will bolster much needed resources and manpower.

My heart cries out for the hell that the people in the Northern Areas are being subjected to. What kind of society is this, where children playing in the streets run the risk of being caught in crossfire of gangsters? Children cannot be brought up in a nurturing environment when living in a war zone.

In response to a parliamentary question, MEC for Safety, Weziwe Tikana, announced that the budget had been approved for the establishment of the police station in the 2019/2020 financial year, and that Park Homes would be erected as an interim measure while construction took place.

See response (IQP 4 Q97)

The DA has been driving the call for this police station to be built since 2013, when the SAPS gave a commitment in response to me raising this issue on behalf of the Northern Areas community in the Provincial Legislature.

Under the DA-led municipality, and the mayorship of Athol Trollip, the land was made available to the SAPS for the station’s construction.

The Bethelsdorp policing area is battling with a disproportionately high crime rate, recording the highest number of calls made to 10111 for a policing precinct across the entire province.

The DA believes that a permanent anti-gang unit for the Northern Areas is a prerequisite, to combat the ongoing gang violence in the area. The DA will continue to fight for ongoing progress in this matter, so that there can be safer streets and people can go about their daily lives without the fear of being robbed, assaulted or shot at.