MEC Nqatha must urgently intervene in Molteno sewage crisis

Issued by Jane Cowley, MPL
Enoch Mgijima Constituency Leader

In the areas of Lankgewag and Dennekruin in Molteno, learners have to wade through raw sewage in order to reach their school.

More than five years ago, the sewage plant of Molteno was upgraded, but the pumps feeding the plant were not. They are not powerful enough to pump the sewage up to the plant, so sewage flows backwards and bubbles out of the pumps and into the streets.

The sewage then flows into the Stormberg-waterspruit which is the only source of fresh water used to provide drinking water for stock. Further down the valley this same water is used by farmers to irrigate crops. This water was tested three years ago and was declared unfit for consumption.


To date no action has been taken to rectify this appalling state of affairs. Officials from the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality and the Chris Hani District Municipality either do not have the skills or the political will to effect the necessary repairs or upgrade the pumps.

I have written to the MEC for COGTA, Xolile Nqatha, to insist that immediate action be taken in order to restore the sewage system, and the dignity of the residents living in these disgraceful conditions. (letter attached)

In DA- run Municipalities, the health and welfare of residents is paramount. Swift and decisive action is taken to effect repairs when necessary, to ensure that all residents enjoy quality of life and a healthy environment.

Note to editors: Please find attached a soundbite in English by Jane Cowley MPL