Live streaming legislature sittings will make proceedings more accessible to the public

Issued by Bobby Stevenson, MPL
DA Chief Whip in the EC Legislature

Live streaming sittings of the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature could dramatically assist with increasing and promoting public participation in its affairs and will certainly allow more people access to what is happening in our institution, particularly relating to house debates.

We need to make the Legislature a thoroughly modern institution walking in step with the fourth industrial revolution.

By live streaming the sittings, you can the witness first-hand what your public representatives are doing and saying.

This would also enable the media to report on Legislature sittings, as Bhisho is isolated from certain media centres.

The state of the ICT infrastructure in the Legislature needs to be radically improved.

One of the changes that an upgraded ICT infrastructure could bring to the House, is that of livestreaming.

The existing infrastructure in the chamber already allows for the recording of both audio and video for house proceedings. These feeds are recorded at broadcast quality, and the feed is broadcast internally.

At very little additional cost, this feed can be converted to a format that is more compatible with live streaming, and then streamed live via a reliable internet connection, to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

The DA believes that livestreaming can be introduced in this House, at very little extra cost, if one has an extremely reliable internet connection.

This would put the Eastern Cape Legislature in the same league as the National Parliament, and other parliament’s throughout the world, bring it firmly into the era of the modern digital age, and become a leading force in the fourth industrial revolution when it comes to legislature proceedings.

The DA is firmly committed in ensuring that the activities of this legislature are well promoted, because when that happens, we entrench a culture of democracy in our province.