DA calls for prioritisation of sport in Eastern Cape

Issued by Nomvano Zibonda, MPL
Shadow MEC for Sport, Recreation, Art and Culture

The Democratic Alliance tabled a notice of motion calling for the eastern Cape Government to ensure that Sport is prioritised in the Province, and that sportsmen and women are given the necessary support to complete at a national and international level.

The Eastern Cape is hailed as the Home of Legends and has produced incredible sportsmen and women who continue to be a beacon of hope and serve as ambassadors for the province and country.

Sports and recreation also play crucial roles in forming social cohesion.

But it has become clear that the Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture, and the various municipalities within the province, lack clear rules and regulations on the allocation of funds and measures of accountability when in relation to resources.

This is evident in the many incomplete projects that have been suspended due to funds being depleted, as seen in the Ngumbela Sport Facility where more than R11 million has been spent to build a state-of-the-art stadium, yet the land remains vacant.

There exists a disconnect between the positive impact of sport, the budget allocation to programmes, and the spending of funds allocated.

The Department has also, in many cases, failed to adhere to and fulfil its commitments to respective stakeholders, particularly high schools who have taken young sports men and women and offered them a better education and an opportunity to achieve their dreams.

Therefore, through the notice of motion, the DA has called for the province to reprioritise sport and recreation by ensuring that the budget allocated to the Department, and its impact on achieving its set mandate, is reviewed.

[SEE: Notice of Motion]

The DA has also called for the provision of training, workshops and resources for sportsmen and women, to ensure they can compete on a national and international level.

It is also vital that Department, through Corporative Governance and Traditional Affairs, ensures that municipalities promote sports and provide adequate support and the necessary resources. Municipalities must also ensure they build the necessary sport facilities, and these are well maintained and used for their intended purpose.

An assessment of the impact and functionality of the entities that are accountable and report to the Department must be done and this report must be tabled to the portfolio committee before the end of the 2019/20 financial year, with a subsequent report of findings and recommendations to be debated in the House and subsequently implemented.