The Democratic Alliance moves for Enoch Mgijima municipality to be dissolved

Issued by Vicky Knoetze, MPL
Shadow MEC for COGTA

The Democratic Alliance has today moved a motion at the special sitting of the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature (Taking the Legislature to the People) in Komani, that the Enoch Mgijima Municipality be dissolved in terms of section 139 (1)(c) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

The Democratic Alliance believes that the Municipality has failed to meet its executive obligations in terms of the Constitution and legislation in that amongst other factors;

  • Service Delivery in the Enoch Mgijima Municipality has completely imploded.
  • The municipality is in complete financial distress – the municipality has not been financially viable since its amalgamation in 2016
  • It owes ESKOM R198 million while it is operating under an unfunded budget.
  • The municipality is operating under its second administrator who has failed to implement the municipalities’ financial recovery plan and;
  •  Political instability has resulted in a dysfunctional council.

Frequent electricity outages, litter, failing infrastructure, water and sewerage leaks are all evidence of the complete collapse of service delivery in the municipality.

These are the symptoms of the implosion of governance in Enoch Mgijima. The people from Komani has made it clear that enough is enough.

[SEE: Notice of Motion]

Therefore, the Democratic Alliance moved that the relevant provincial executive must intervene in
terms of the Constitution and take the appropriate steps to ensure fulfillment of the obligation to the residents of Komani, by dissolving the Municipal Council.

The DA will remain the only party that will place the interests of the people first and ensures that government is held to account in delivering services to all people.