Education Department kills future of EC Matriculants

Education Department kills future of EC Matriculants

The dismal performance of the Eastern Cape matriculants should in no way rest on their shoulders, but rather on those of the Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDoE), which has consistently placed greed and self-interest above the needs of its learners.

This year the Eastern Cape’s results dropped from 76,5% to 68,1%. The Democratic Alliance commends all learners who, despite one of the most difficult academic years on record, have overcome these obstacles and excelled in their studies. We also appreciate those educators who went above and beyond to assist learners during this year.

At a time of crisis, when extraordinary measures and support were needed, the ECDOE instead piggy-backed the Sizwe Africa IT contract through, providing rented tablets to learners at exorbitant costs. These devices did little to aid the Matric class of 2020, with their data contracts halted by the court, the true cost of this folly is yet to be determined.

When matriculants needed access to schools, the ECDOE was fast asleep and failed to put the necessary plans in place to reopen schools after the initial hard lockdown. When matrics needed access to Personal Protective Equipment, the ECDOE was too busy dishing out tenders to ANC cadres, making millionaires out of hairdressers and real estate agents on the back of inflated PPE, while learners went without.

These results are not an indictment on the youth of the Eastern Cape. It is a scathing indictment on an ANC-led Department that has seen an opportunity for looting and self-enrichment in a time of crisis, even if the cost is the future of the children of this province.