Premier must build on the rock of good governance

Issued by Bobby Stevenson, MPL
DA Leader in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature

The Democratic Alliance welcomes the announcements made by Premier Oscar Mabuyane relating to infrastructure development, economic growth, and job creation, some of which was a repeat from last year, during his State of the Province Address today.

However, unless these initiatives are built on the rock of good governance, they will be swallowed up by the quicksands of corruption, cadre deployment, and maladministration.

The premier needs to ensure that there is a strong foundation of consequence management, so that those who undermine the work being done are held to account.

Unfortunately, no game-changers were announced in this regard. Until he gets this basic tenet of government right, the Eastern Cape cannot move towards being a capable and caring government that works.

What the province needs is a forward-thinking, innovative government, which will rebuild the Eastern Cape and get it back on track to working for all the people.

The Democratic Alliance will rebuild this province, municipality by municipality, on the rock of good governance.