EC Premier must do the right thing and dissolve Makana municipality

Issued by Vicky Knoetze, MPL
Shadow MEC for COGTA

The Eastern Cape Premier, Oscar Mabuyane, must do the right thing and dissolve the Makana Municipality with immediate effect. Stop protecting your cadres of chaos and implement the court judgement.

The violent protests ripping through the heart of Makhanda are the direct result of the provincial executive putting their incompetent ANC-deployed cadres ahead of the people.

All of this could have been avoided two years ago, had the Premier and his executive accepted the High Court ruling that found the municipality had failed dismally in its executive duties to deliver the most basic of services to its people, and needed to be dissolved.

Instead, the province decided to appeal the decision, most likely out of fear that the precedent would be set, and residents of other failed ANC municipalities in the province would also have their day in court.

Now, two years later, Makhanda is burning, and the Premier and his executive can’t understand why.

The answer is simple. His ANC-deployed cadres have neglected the people and the city through their inaction and incompetence. They have acted with impunity and have never been held to account, and the people have had enough!

Now, as hopelessness turns to frustration and frustration into anger and violence, Makhanda is once again suffering from the ANC’s incompetence.

Now businesses are forced to close their doors, learners are deprived of their education, and the town brought to a standstill because the people are angry. They are tired of non-existent service delivery, dodging potholes, living with the stench of rivers of sewerage flowing down the streets and a total collapse of infrastructure in their town.

The Democratic Alliance challenges Premier Mabuyane to do the right thing and dissolve the Makana Municipality so that fresh elections can be held.

Stop wasting money on fighting the inevitable, stop delay-tactics, stop the talk-shops and put the people first. Fresh elections will provide the opportunity to choose the DA difference.