Nelson Mandela Bay reaffirms its commitment to eradicate corruption

Issued by Vicky Knoetze, MPL
Shadow MEC for COGTA

The actions of DA provincial leader and corruption busting mayor, Nqaba Bhanga, in tackling irregularities in the governance of Nelson Mandela Bay show residents that he is committed to cleaning out the rot.

This was revealed at Mayor Bhanga’s press conference today, which details the steps taken to deal with the rot in Nelson Mandela Bay.

This is the difference between the Democratic Alliance, and the African National Congress. The DA believes that people should be held to account for their actions, without fear or favour. The ANC has only ever paid lip service to deal with corruption, while their cadres stole the city. The DA gets things done.

Mayor Banga has made it very clear that, under his leadership, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality will hold the administration, municipal officials, and politicians to the highest standard and will not tolerate any impropriety – a view that has been strongly supported by the DA’s coalition partners in the Coalition of Good Governance.

This can be seen in the strategic objectives contained in the 2021/22 Integrated Development Plan, which aims to: “Ensure financial prudence and transparent governance and work towards eradicating corruption.”

It is also indicated by the Council’s adoption of the updated Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Strategy and Related Policies earlier this year.

These proactive steps, taken by Mayor Bhanga, have not just been lip service, but backed by action, as shown by today’s announcement by Mayor Bhanga that since taking office, 16 cases have been referred to the municipality’s internal audit.

Not only has Mayor Bhanga referred new cases, but he announced he has also brought pressure to bear on Internal Audit to finalise the 153 cases that have been pending for years. These matters range from supply chain management irregularities and irregular expenditure, to abuse of municipal assets and outright fraud. The municipality has also been working closely with various law enforcement agencies, including SAPS, HAWKS, SIU and the Public Protector, on finalising these matters.

This is the difference between the DA and the ANC. The DA and its coalition partners in Nelson Mandela Bay are bringing good corporate governance back to a city that has been plundered for years by the ANC and its partners in crime.