MEC Meth has blood on her hands

Issued by Jane Cowley, MPL
Shadow MEC for Health

Health MEC Nomakosazana Meth failed to get the aeromedical service up and running over the festive season, despite her vocal promises to do so, and her inaction could very well have cost people their lives.

This service, which should have been operational six months ago, is vital in getting critical patients with life-threatening conditions to hospital as soon as possible.

Over the festive season, 210 people lost their lives in fatal road accidents across the province. How many of these lives could have been saved, had there been an aeromedical emergency service to airlift critically injured patients to the nearest hospital?

Even one life lost due to delays in transporting a patient to a hospital is one life too many.

You have blood on your hands, MEC Meth! So does Leli Investments, the service provider who, after convincing a high court judge that they are capable of rendering the aeromedical service a full six months ago, has yet to even leave the ground.

The continued bungling of the aeromedical contract by the Department to protect stakeholders in Leli Investments, some of whom are allegedly senior officials within the Department of Health, is a disgrace.

I have written to the MEC to strongly urge her to terminate this farcical contract, with immediate effect, and to source a capable service provider with no vested interests.

If this does not happen, I will escalate this matter to the Minister of Health.

In the DA-led Western Cape province, tender processes for the provision of services are transparent and fair, resulting in competent and effective health service delivery.

When protecting a dodgy contract and an incompetent service provider takes preference over saving the lives of our citizens, the moral bankruptcy of the provincial leadership is exposed.

Had Premier Oscar Mabuyane any resolve to clean up his administration, he would ensure that contracts for cadres are a thing of the past.